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Scouts EMS helps event managers collect all the data they need to run their event safely and efficiently without needing to factor in cutting down half a forest to make all the paperwork!

We're a compeltly paperless solution to collecting health form data including medical details, dietary requirements, activity permissions and anything else that you need to run your event.

Supported by a team of Scouting volunteers you'll never be caught short when it comes to running your event on site! We can assist making sure that the correct people get the right access to activities, people only get fed if they've paid for it and they're only allowed in an 'Adult Only Area' if they're old enough! Obviously not forgetting that we can support first aid teams do their important job quicker and more efficiently!

Our Services

Use Our Office

With a fully kitted container, you don’t need to provide us a secure space, we provide our own!

Custom ID Solutions

We can provide wristbands or contactless ID cards at your event that link back to the system and all associated data.

GDPR Compliant

Data Security is our number one priority so all over our services comply with GDPR

Paperwork Free Events

We provide a fully managed, online booking system for Scout events up and down the UK!


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Let's Hear What Clients Say

  • Scout Venture
    Scott Morgan, Event Lead

    As an Event lead EMS is priceless when it comes to dealing with bookings and admin. It deals with all bookings in such an easy to use way and takes all the stress away from admin allowing me to focus on all the aspects that directly impact the young people attending. EMS instantly turns your event in to a more professional experience giving your customers an amazing first impression of your event. Can not recommend enough.

  • Rea Away
    Event Lead

    By having the system on site we can have all of the YP’s details to hand. First aid incidents are dealt with quickly and if needed the YP details can be printed and handed to a leader in a matter of minutes. In addition to this a dedicated first aider can carry a mobile tablet and have access to the information on in an instant (vital when dealing with allergic reactions or more complex incidents). Dietary requirements are well managed, the YP are scanned in meal queues with the dietary information popping up on screen. The catering team can then be made aware of specific requirements and the right meal is provided with minimal fuss. The catering team can also view live statistics on how many meals are still to be served and this vastly reduces the amount of food waste and in turn reduces catering budgets/cost per head.

  • Rea Valley District
    Brian Lewis

    As a District Scout leader I was keen to find a system that catered to the requirements of a larger scale event. We run a district scout camp every year and EMS was just what we needed. Previously we had relied on paper systems, more recently moving to spreadsheets and emails to communicate with YP, parents and leaders. We promoted the event in January, started the admin in February and I would spend most evenings dealing with issues right up to a week before camp. Since moving to EMS I now have my evenings back, communications are a simple click of a few buttons and the system does the rest.

Our Valuable Clients

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