Scouts EMS Version 4 is here…

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Scouts EMS Version 4 is here.

Version 4 finally sees the removal of logging in to Groups & Health Forms with 5 digit numbers.

Access to all elements of the system are now through your registered Email Address. Once you’ve created a Scouts EMS Account you can access your health forms, your groups or your event admin all from the same password that you create.

This update also means that you won’t be relying on emails to be received to get health forms complete, once a group leader has added people, you’ll be able to login to your account and see the health form straight away! We’ll still send emails as a reminder, but you won’t need them to login and complete them!

Even better we’ve started using Authy for Two Factor Authentication. If you have access to a group you will need to verify one a month and if you are an event admin you will need to verify every two weeks!

Once Version 4 is live you will be able to use the login tab on the Scouts EMS Website without having to choose your role at the point of login!