“Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could…” – That’s how this all started, sat in the Scouts EMS office at Run To The Fun 4 in 2018. Little did we know quite what that meant for the future of Scouts EMS Events!

The concept was simple, a mobile office that we could:

  1. Take to different events with the aim to minimise set up time at each event
  2. Reduce the risk of equipment damage and installation errors
  3. Provide the event with a secure office
  4. Provide sufficient comfortable working space for our volunteers

During the first few drawings the Scouts EMS Container was 40′ long which was providing all sort of logistical nightmares including storage and transport around a site…so after some time, the container was reduced to 20′.

We’re now ready to put our plans in to action but we need your support. While Scouts EMS is a paid venture for events, that only covers the expense of having Scouts EMS at each event, it doesn’t cover the purchase and fit out of a 20′ Shipping Container otherwise the per event cost would be unmanageable.

So, how can you support us? Here are the options:

Become A Scouts EMS Member

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Become A Scouts EMS Advertising Partner

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Website Advertising – Advertise your event or product on our website for 12 months – The gateway for every event participant to complete their health form is through our website, your advert will be seen hundreds of times each day!

Event Advertising – Advertise your event or product at events that Scouts EMS attends in a 12month period – You provide us with the printed material and we’ll make sure it gets in the hands of the people who are more likely to attend your event or purchase your product!

Email Advertising – Advertise your event or product on every email that Scouts EMS sends in a 12 month period – Scouts EMS sends thousands of emails a month, get your advert seen several times on a daily basis!

Container Advertising – Advertise your event or product on our container wall for 24 months! Not only will this advert be seen at events by participants, leaders, staff & contractors but it’ll be seen as we transport our container around the country on the back of a truck!

For further information on any advertising packages or membership packages, please click here to visit our shop!