ID Types

Scouts EMS is priced based on the type of ID required. The following options are:

  • – Printed, Customised wristband: 62.5p + VAT
  • – Single Sided, Customised Contactless ID Card: £1.25 + VAT
  • – Double Sided, Customised Contactless ID Card: £1.46 + VAT
  • – Festival Style, Fabric, RFID Wristband: £1.46 + VAT

All contactless cards come with the card and a holder, it is the events responsibility to provide the lanyard.

Onsite Support

All ID types come with the ability to download a range of reports from the online system for your event, if there’s a report that you need then just ask and we can create it for you. We will not provide any exports of data. There are two additional On Site Support packages available:

Basic – £212.50 + VAT + P&P

We send out by post (Preferably scout post!) a brief case containing your ID’s, a laptop with access to an offline event management system, an ID scanner and a wireless router to connect your own devices to the system

Advanced – £416.67 + VAT

We provide one member of our team which a large selection of equipment to completely manage your event, this includes: Multiple computers/terminals, multiple scanners, site wide networking infrastructure, the ability to re-print ID’s and access to the offline, onsite event management system with role based access for access to sub camp teams, first aid teams, activity teams etc